Known to the world as Bhutan, the last of Mahayana Buddhist Kingdom; the Land of the Thunder Dragon. This remote mystical country is still one of the most unspoiled places of the world.

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The land blessed with invaluable spiritual and cultural legacy, Bhutan, the land of the Thunder Dragon today stands as one of happiest country in the world. The reason behind being the second is that the cultural and the traditional that is still richly intact

Exploring Bhutan on foot is unlike anywhere else on earth. The power & beauty of nature is impressive when one walks through it. There are more than 15 trekking routes in Bhutan varying from two-day trek to three-week trek, the world’s hardest Snowman Trek

Every year festival is performed and people from the remote places gather once in a year. Mask dances are performed and on the last day Thongdrel (huge painting which covers building) is displayed to the public.

The bird list for Bhutan is over 650 species. Bhutan is home for about 20 species of endangered birds of the world. every year during the Mid-November hundreds of Black-Necked Crane migrate to Phubjikha and Bumdeling Valley

Bhutan with its various valleys and rivers offers a variety of choices for people who love water and water sports. The rivers of Bhutan are generally very steep and powerful and road access is limited,