Exploring Bhutan on foot is unlike anywhere else on earth. The power and beauty of nature is impressive when one walks through it. There are more than 15 trekking routes in Bhutan varying from two-day trek to three-week trek, the world’s  hardest Snowman Trek. Awakening at dawn to the sound of cockerel and a warming mug of tea, trekking at higher altitudes are invariably greeted by breath-taking mountains cape. Few sites on earth can equal the first sunlight hitting a Himalayan mountain.

Trekking during Spring in Bhutan brings the colorful  rhododendron and other flora of different species in blossom. And during Autumn, after the rainy season, the skies clears out and the leaves begins to turn yellow leaving the beautiful scenario.

We provide the best available tents (Northface), thermo rest mattress, air pillows, sheets, meals, dining tents, kitchen tents, toilet tents and experienced staff like guides, cooks, waiters and we also provide horse to carry your luggage and riding horse, but for riding you should inform at the reservation. The numbers of days in the our itinerary is 1  to 2 days more than other itineraries, those days were for your free rafting trip in Bhutan. You can reduce the number of days by leaving the rafting trip. But trekking with rafting trip would be fun and even more adventurous.